What Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Car Accident Case

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2 min readAug 29, 2019


Car Insurance companies make money by saving money

Do you know what car insurance companies don’t want you to know about your accident case? If you have been severely injured in an accident, having insurance may be the only way to guarantee that you can regain everything again. Unfortunately, they care more about their own pockets than your overall well-being and injuries. They make their money by trying to only pay out the bare minimums on their policies. These minimum and low payouts are not enough to compensate for your medical bills, pain, and suffering. Always keep these tips in mind so you could make sure that you get what you deserve.

Be careful what you say to the insurance company

You have no legal obligation to answer a question about your car accident. Especially if you are not sure of the facts. It is very important to contact a lawyer so that they will guide you on the questions being asked. Any recorded statements can always be used against you. Let our experienced auto car accident lawyers deal with the insurance company.

Without a lawyer, don’t sign any contracts or release waivers

Your attorney has an obligation to have your best interest in mind and zealously advocate on your behalf. Unfortunately, the same usually cannot be said for a car insurance company. They are in the business of making money, not cutting checks. Getting into an accident is always stressful. That is why you don’t have to sign anything from the insurance company until you understand exactly what it is. An experienced attorney can make sure you aren’t signing away any of your rights and can go over with you all the confusing paperwork that you receive from them.

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