What Are The Benefits Of A Dash Cam?

A dash cam, or the short term for a dashboard camera, is a video camera recording device installed in a car. Most of the modern car models have integrated this feature already. For other cars, you can buy and install it on the windshield or mount it into the dashboard. There are a lot of models and stores that sell this device. People might be asking what are the benefits of a dash cam for them. Some think that it is just an unnecessary expense.

A dash cam could be useful for the security of the car and recording evidence when you get involved in a car accident. Personal injury law attorneys like Freeway Law could use the recorded footage of the accident and help you to defend your rights. Call us at (844) 443–7339 for a free consultation.

How Does A Dash Cam Work?

Dashboard camera continuously records all the events in your travel. Some have a feature to record when there is motion in and around the car when parked. It could record the front, rear and side views of the vehicle depending on the number of cameras installed in the car. There are dash cams that automatically records when the car engine turns on while some can be manually operated. Some models of dash cams can record even the interior of the car and give 360 view recording.

Features could be different on each model but the main purpose is the same. A dashboard camera is a great tool to record the events happening around the car whether during the trip or when parked.

How Much Is A Dash Cam?

The price of a dash cam depends on the model and its features. There are decent dashboard cameras for under $100. If you are already in the $200 price range, it should have at least night vision, 4k resolution, GPS, and parked car monitoring. The ones with way more advanced features could price up to $400.

Benefits Of Dash Cam

1. Protection

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and it was not your fault, having a dash cam will be helpful to your case. It will be easier to defend your side and prove the negligence of the other party. You can present the recordings to the insurance companies, police, and lawyers when needed. A dash cam will serve as your witness in an accident or any other tragic event involving your car.

2. Getting Evidence Against Irresponsible Drivers

This device could help you report irresponsible drivers that you will encounter on the road. The recorded videos of these reckless and inconsiderate drivers will be strong evidence against them. These drivers are dangerous and could put innocent people’s lives in danger. Reporting for such incidents will require proof and the video recording from your dash cam will be very handy at this time.

3. Insurance Discounts

A dash cam could also benefit you when availing of a car insurance premium. Some car insurance companies offer a discount to clients with dash cam installed in their cars.

4. Avoid Fraud

There are cases that innocent victims of a car accident get the blame because they don’t have evidence to defend themselves. Some drivers purposely let their cars be hit by other vehicles so they could put the blame and extort money from the victim. They also fake their injuries for them to receive claims from insurance companies. Having a dashboard camera will help you avoid these situations. You will have strong evidence that shows who is the real party at fault. With the help of a dash cam, it will become a witness for you in defending your rights against these people.

5. Security

An additional feature of some high-end models or more expensive dash cams is the Global Positioning System or GPS. With this technology, you could track the exact location of your car. It will be beneficial when your car was stolen and you could locate it anywhere easily. This will help in arresting the carjacker and in recovering your car.

6. Monitoring When Someone Borrowed Your Car

There could be times that you will allow people to borrow your car. It could be your relatives, friends, or even your mechanic. A dash cam is a helpful device in monitoring your car when someone else is using it. Whether checking if the car was involved in an accident, got some issues, or knowing the location of it, a dash cam will be useful in giving this information.

7. Recording Memorable Road Trips

Having road trips with your family and loved ones is exciting and very memorable. People take pictures and videos as a remembrance of that beautiful day. The recording of your dash cam could also bring back happy memories of those exciting road trips you had. It could capture beautiful sceneries and even your happy moments inside the car. Dash cam’s files could be transferred easily to your computer or other devices.

8. Avoid Damages While Parking

Dashboard camera could also function as your reverse camera when parking. This is a very helpful tool especially for beginners who park in tight spaces. You could easily avoid hazards that are unseen when you just rely on your mirrors. Once parked, you could also monitor your car for your peace of mind. Some models of dash cams have features to send video recordings or images to your device. You could also access these files remotely.

9. Monitoring Unattended Car

There are dash cams that have this auto video recording feature when it senses movement inside or outside the car. This is a great feature to capture evidence if someone tries to steal or damage your car. You can use the video recording and present it to the police and your car insurance company.

Are Dash Cams Worth It?

Dashboard cameras could be expensive for a reason while there are also cheaper ones that provide decent functionalities. The price will depend on its features, model, and brand because most of the time, it depicts quality as well. But regardless of the price, a car dash cam is a proven helpful tool in many ways. The money you will spend for a decent to higher-end dash cam will be worth it when you are involved in a situation that requires evidence.



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